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Be respectful, Be kind, Be rad.
This is an Australian website, it is run as a forum for Australian longboarders and skateboarders. 

The Do's
Yes, you can promote another Australian skateshop, you can link to their specials, products and website.
Yes, you can promote or link to your skateboard/longboard event
Yes, you can ask stupid questions
Yes, you can promote your longboard product, but only link to Australian websites to buy. If it is a skateboard, scooter, roller skate it might get deleted.
Yes, please answer questions, please share, please be active.

The Dont's
No promotion and linking to oversea's skateshops. 
No off topic products, we are longboarders we are not interested in your t-shirt or you meds.
No spam, no off topic links.
No dickheads

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