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Hey Hop, thanks for creating this space and thanks for the recent discussion we had about LDP.  After speaking with dozens of skate shops I was stoked to finally find someone who knew anything about it. It would be great if you could please start a thread on this topic. From what I understand LDP stands for Long Distance Pumping but is also associated with Long Distance Pushing. 

My interest in the subject started with my surfskate setup which utilises a Waterborne adapter. It is heaps of fun as a surf skate but I have also managed to pump it non stop over 5kms on a flat course including up a couple of small inclines. The problem is that my teenage daughters and son leave me for dead pushing their longboards and the surf skate is very sketchy to push with any confidence. This led me to see if there were any setups that could be pumped and pushed at much higher speeds which is when I discovered the LDP scene. 

Hoping to see if anyone locally here in SE QLD was into LDP I went searching through forums to see if I could connect with anyone on the subject. I found this ancient thread on Seabreeze but that was about it.

The best resource seems to be pavedwave on tapatalk:

and this Facebook group:

After hours of reading on the subject I am wanting to acquire two new boards being a top mount pump board and a bracket based hybrid push/pump board. For the top mount I am looking at a Subsonic Pulse with Bennett/Randall trucks and for the hybrid I am looking at a Gbomb bracket based board with a Don’t Trip Poppy or Slalocybin front truck. Subsonic also do a drop deck board called the Century 40 which is a hybrid push/pump that is widely used in the LDP scene. 

Anyhow there seems to be heaps of technical tweaking required to customise these setups to your personal style which is why I am reaching out. Im hoping to find anyone locally who could help me on the journey and who might also be up for a skate. Otherwise I am just keen to share knowledge with anyone else who has a passion for LDP.

Thanks for setting up the forum and please feel free to move this post to whatever the appropriate board will be.

Cheers JD


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